The encounter causes Lyuze to become concerned that she is beginning to ruin, showing signs that the time will come soon for her, and she becomes distant. Luna was dubbed “The Source of Life” for this world. Elsewhere, Braiking Boss visits the graves of his dead subordinates, while Leda is informed of Luna’s whereabouts. During his quest to find out who he is, Casshern befriends a robot girl named Ringo. Not long after, he encounters an anti-Casshern mercenary named Lyuze. Dune, last seen after being defeated by Dio, crawls painfully across a crystallized landscape, all the while trying to hold on to his memories.

She is shocked to see her body in an advanced stage of ruin and swears revenge on Luna. She encounters Ringo, but is hesitant to kill her. Ultimately, Sophita attacks Casshern and tries to end his life because she feels that is what he truly desires. In the near future, an amnesiac Casshern fights anti-human robots on a desolate Earth. Dio , a cyborg fighter who looks just like Casshern, claims that they were created as killing machines and served under Braiking Boss before the Ruin. In the past, Lyuze’s sister Liza was tasked to protect Luna, but failed to prevent her death. Lyuze questions her original intentions for revenge against Casshern, and her current intentions for him.

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Dune then forces a confrontation with Casshern, who defeats him, allowing Dune to move on. Retrieved from ” https: The two cyborgs face off against each other, but Lyuze intervenes and critically wounds Dio in order to force him to stop fighting. In a fit of rage for being mistaken as Casshern, Dio viciously incapacitates Dune. Casshern, Lyuze, Ringo, and Ohji live on away from Luna, growing flowers. She encounters Ringo, but is hesitant to kill her. As Casshern and Janice finally reach the Bazaar, it is revealed that Janice is also at the brink of Ruin, so she dedicates one final englieh to Casshern while he and Friender defend everyone from the killers assaulting the Bazaar.


She is entranced by Casshern’s restored body and tries to melt him down to make her bell, but fails.

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Leda wakes cashsern in a pile of ruined robots, having been dumped by Luna’s subordinates. One of the members, Gido, learns that Friender was a companion of the infamous Casshern and abandons Jin’s group to join the rogue robots. They plan to wait until Janice reaches the Bazaar, then massacre everyone. Casshern and Lyuze discover vast swaths of robot remains while epksode a valley. Lists of anime episodes.

A robot bandit gang attacks and steals the parts from them.

Akos teaches Casshern about the fragility of humans, and reveals that he is currently under the same situation as he is, running away from his problems. Most of the humans were killed in an apocalyptic war when he was serving under the direction of Braiking Boss after he assassinated a woman named Luna. Ringo is targeted by Dio’s army, and although Ohji charges in to save Ringo, they still end up cornered.

Her death resulted in a war that has humanity on the losing end with robots being on the verge of death due to the radical change in the environment; a legend was made known to the robots that Casshern’s death can save them all. He rejects Luna’s offer to be a king in the eternal egnlish she resides, swearing never to take another life again, and leaves with Lyuze, Ringo, and Ohji.

Casshern, Friender, and Lyuze then intervene to save Ohji and Ringo. Not long after, the robots who were fighting Casshern find him again and attack.

Leda then attacks the children upon seeing the glass tanks where Luna was said to be born, when Casshern intervenes to fight her.

This is a list of episodes engish Casshern Sinsa remake of the original Casshern anime. Casshern destroys nearly the entire community, leaving Friender the only survivor.

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Braiking Boss leaves the robot graveyard and, followed by an army of robots, begin their journey. Meanwhile, Dio faces a problem when his reconnaissance group, sent to find Luna’s whereabouts, is decimated by two mysterious robots.


However, the increased healing she receives is much more painful than the first one. Ohji explains that the old Luna and the current Luna are different. Casshern confronts Luna, and questions whether her current role will truly bring salvation to the world.

Encountering Luna, she stabs Casshern with a broadsword, but is stunned to see Casshern not attempting to kill her once more. Casshern, Friender and a stalking Lyuze trail a group of wailing robots who call to Luna and say that meeting her will bring salvation.

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However, Ringo becomes frightened of Casshern after he ruthlessly kills a robot rnglish was trying to attack her. Casshern meets a disabled robot, Margo, who considers himself as an artist and paints white colors around the city.

Casshern warns her that he will come back if Luna and the saved robots and humans forget what death is. Later Casshern changes his mind and wants to bring Ringo for Luna to heal, against Lyuze’s protests. She tells him that fighting is her way of living, albeit in a twisted way.

After being attacked by rogue robots, Friender tries to rescue Casshern from debris. Casshern’s group is stunned to see the large number of robots that await Luna’s healing. Lyuze appears before Casshern again, condemning him for Luna’s death.

Failing to do so and breaking a leg in the process, Friender leaves Casshern behind and encounters a mixed group of robots and humans led by Jin, who believes that Luna is alive and is looking for her.