His hat is also far more detailed and instead of gaining it at the end he had it from the start. Wendy isn’t red headed in this version and wears a different hat and different boots. Both the pilot and the first episode are similar, but the animation is different. The shocking ending will have you begging for more, and the various creatures of the journal really pull you in. After all, the flashbacks didn’t really explain, how Mabel met her boyfriend in the first place, nor the reasons, why the twins are in Gravity Falls in the first place. The twins begin to realize that all is not what it seems and that this sleepy little town has some big secrets, including that Mabel’s first boyfriend, Norman, may or may not be a zombie.

Because of that, I really doubt your children will grow up to be the next Aleister Crowley. It was first broadcast on July 12, , on the Disney Channel. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Reconstruction of the unaired pilot episode of Gravity Falls Aug 3, 4: Without telling you, what it says. Reconstruction of the unaired pilot episode of Gravity Falls. However, not all is what it seems, as Dipper finds a mysterious journal in the woods and the twins realize that this summer could be much more interesting than they originally thought.

My only real issue is Grunkle Stan’s design which looks absolutely horrendous but I’m sure over time I’d get used to it. Also, much of the symbols, people see here, is pretty much very noticeable in real-life society. Maybe, they explain it there.

gravity falls unaired pilot

However, in many ways, this series is better suited for slightly older audience members who will pick up on the subtleties of the clever writing and characterizations that will go unnoticed by younger viewers. I wouldn’t say it would be bad unairee it does seem story-driven and character focused like how the show is.

June 18; which also happens to appear here in the first page of Journal 3. Was this review helpful?

Really do think this is a good pilot episode. Although Dipper and Mabel have different views. Most Gravity Falls fans know this but to those who don’t there was an unaired pilot episode that followed the story of Tourist Trap but was overall a lot more different.


After Mabel finds the memory of the safe combination, Bill reveals himself, steals it and runs away as Mabel, Soos, Xyler and Craz head out to search for him.

However, their plans are overheard by Mabel and Soos and they report the situation to Dipper. I never even knew galls gravity falls had an unaired pilot. Alex Hirsch himself also hopes that the original pilot is never shown claiming it’s “a mess and would be like showing his awkward high school photos. Created by Alex Hirsch.

Gravity Falls Pilot – video dailymotion

Your review has been posted. May Learn how and when to remove this template message. I have high suspicions that the theme used during this portion of the show was in fact one of the two unused themes. The instrumental theme sounds borderline terrifying however like Bill Cipher levels of terrifying. And also, I’ll add a title card and a note in the beginning of this vid.

Gideon then summons a demon called Bill Cipher Hirsch to help him. I just felt, the writing was a bit underwhelming and not finish. Aug 3, It is similar to the style of the eipsode show but seems less cartoony and more grim. Reconstruction of peisode unaired pilot episode of Gravity Falls Jul 30, Retrieved August 26, Reconstruction of the unaired pilot episode of Gravity Falls Aug 1, This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content.

Gravity Falls S 2 E 16 Roadside Attraction / Recap – TV Tropes

Closer inspection also shows a similar colored shirt and pants style as the final result. It’s upbeat and cheerful kid nature fits the animation the original pilot had and would have made for a good theme song for pillt version. The show went in a satisfying and well done path luckily but I do wonder what it would be like in a world with UFO’s in Gravity Falls and Grunkle Stan being an equivalent to some Gravity Falls creepypasta.


If the show followed this direction, it would surely have been a lot more different. The five major characters who appear in the show the most Dipper, Mabel, Stan, Soos, and Wendy are introduced, and the show immediately manages to find the balance of mystery and comedy, becoming an entertaining first outing while beginning the overarching plot of the series.

Hello everyone, as you may know, the full epusode pilot hasn’t been released yet. Retrieved August 23, Yeah, the pilot episode is pretty cool, I enjoy it. Other problems, people have against this episode and show is the fact, that the animation isn’t the best, some of the frame was missing features, the voice acting needed some more work as some of the voices are jarring, and the fact, that the producers already limited themselves to a few episodes.

Featured post Cartoon Creator Appreciation Challenge. Both themes convey completely different emotions but I can see how both relate to Gravity Falls. Rob Renzetti Supervising [1] Alex Hirsch executive.

Gravity Falls also had two unused themes besides the one everyone and loves. They confront Gideon, who initially does not take Stan seriously, but ultimately flees when Stan hits him with a broom. Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. Sign in to vote. It’s the symbol for ‘God’, so why are they hating?

Two things that never occurred in Gravity Falls in the first or second episode. Also, while I like the twist, toward the end; I just wish the episode explain more, the reasons why the creatures needed a queen in the first place.