However, Ram is shocked when Marich calls out to Sita and Lakshman in his voice. Guru Vishvamitra tells that he wants to take both of them to Mithila and seek the blessings of Shiv Dhanush. Sushen tells Ram about the miraculous herb which can cure Lakshman. Sita is elated to learn that Ram has reached Kishkindha. Hanuman rescues Sugriva from Bali. Vibhishana tells the secret of Ravan, that he had nectar in his navel. Kaikeyi tells him to crown Bharat the king of Ayodhya and send Ram into exile for 14 years. Hanuman goes to Lanka and meets Sita.

They complete 10 years of their vanvas. Surpanakha falls in love with Ram. Dasharath announces Ram to be his heir to the throne. They complete 10 years of their vanvas. Later at night, Meghnath sends some soldiers to attack the Banar army. The story follows the life journey of two kings: This page was last edited on 23 February , at Tarini attacks the Vanar Sena and challenges Ram to fight him.

Start your free trial. Won – Silver Medal. Ram tells Lakshman to stay with Sita while he goes to bring the deer.

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He asks Shatrughna to help him in keeping his promise to Ram to take care of Ayodhya. Disc Features Total Number of Discs. Qayamat Ki Raat Karyada Plus 4. Bharata refuses to become the king of Ayodhya.


Siya Ke Ram

Lakshman seeks Shabari’s help to find the way. Ravan tells Trijata to stay with Sita. This Vivah Utsav ends with the Vidai Ceremony. Ram along with monkey army construct the bridge and goes to Lanka. On the other hand, Ravan is angry that he was unable to lift the Shiv Dhanush and Janak has insulted him.

They consider themselves blessed by visiting that place. Hanuman tells Sugriva that destroying Ravan’s ego is more important than defeating him in the battle. We will let you know when in stock.

Ravan decides to send Khar and Dushan for control in Dandakaranya. Ram leaves Ayodhya on his exile with Sita and Lakshman. Sita maryadz them as a single mother but incognito under the name of Vandevi. Vibhishan tries to reason with Kumbhakaran to not fight against Ram. He also remembers the incident at Sita’s swayamvar and his oath to take revenge from Janak.

Everyone say Goodbye to each other. He uses Shakti on Lakshman and Lakshman goes in an unconscious state. Enjoy a night in with these popular movies available to stream now with Prime Video. Ravan brags about himself while Ram responds to him by telling him about the true nature of purhshottam. The seventh was known as “Ram Avatar. Meghnath decides to send Sita away from Lanka. Mandodari knows about Hanuman’s strength and fears because she didn’t want to lose her son.


Now everyone goes to Sita in Ashoka Vatika. As a final testament to her purity,Sita returns to her celestial abode by going back to her mother Bhumi after confronting Ram. Sita has fallen in love with Ram without seeing him. Janak wants to find out whether or not the baby has a family. Lakshman tells Ram and Sita that Goddess Nidradevi has ;urushottam him purudhottam boon to stay awake siyz that he can serve them. He confronts her for her actions against Ram.

Sita finds her place in the garden of Lanka Ashoka Vatika and refuses Ravan’s proposal saying that she is always going to love Ram and never be unfaithful to him. Mandodari gets shattered to see her dead son. Mandodari goes to Chandralok to get the Amrita.

An Aghori predicts Manthara ‘s future and tells her that she will be thrown maryxda of the palace. Meanwhile, Ram comes to know about the abduction from the bird Jatayu.