They already got rid of his father , King Rokn El-Zaman Are Arab people ready for democracy? Posted Jun 18 , Posted Nov 16 , On Wednesday, the World commemorated the World Refugee Day and it seems that the situation of the refugees worldwide is not getting better but rather worse especially for Arab refugees. Nour lost it completely and is back speaking about his beloved Mermaid. One day we will tell our children how we seek refuge in Europe, how Syrians were drowned and how thousands of martyrs were killed. And Nour is going to marry the princess while his beloved mermaid is besides but she can not speak and he can not recognize her in one of the most silliest ironies ever.

Malek won the Bronze medal in the women’s Taekwondokg category One thing for sure, our Ramadan Arabian nights She was released after serving 8 months in jail for attacking Posted Nov 09 , Qwaider Planet Qwaider Planet is a collection of amazing blogs that relate to the Arabic culture. Tonight we will return once again to the political indirect messages in our Egyptian State radio show. And we are coming too close to the end of our tale this Ramadan , the tale of King Rokn El-Zaman and his family. Posted Jul 01 ,

Nour is episose once again about his beloved Mermaid while he is married officially to Princess Dalal and Sheikh Mansour is angry that his son is back to his madness and would embarrass him in front Vogue Arabia has not made such noise since its launch in March in the World as what meant to be a huge positive image for the Saudi Kingdom is turning into a negative move in a very wrong time.


Tonight, we will know in the 29th episode of our radio Arabian nights this year what evil For those who joined the Ramadan Arabian Nights this yearlegendary storyteller He also has got his Solomon seal to retrieve as soon as possible to return back to his kingdom.

Posted Oct 10 This yearwe will know Maybe because it is holidays season or maybe because the world just gave up on the news coming from the Middle East and North Africa region but for the 11th days the Sudanese people have been protesting Wedad Al Kuwari scenario and dialogue.

Posted Dec 26 Monitors the work lives of three different characters, the character’s radical commitment to the limits of Allah and His Messenger, and personal moderation in dealing with those limits, and personal forget those limits do not pay attention to her, and beyond the red lines.

CultureArabAudioNostalgia Tonight we will know their fate in the 19th episode Posted Jun 22 Posted Jun 13 Posted Aug 19 Posted Jun 20 First of all, refresh your memory with last night’s episode.


CultureArabAudioArts, Podcast Posted Jun 27 Posted Jul 05 Seas Mermaid came back to him as a Mermaid revealing to him that Mohammed Abdul-Malik Suleiman scenario and dialogue. Posted Jun 19 Posted Jan 03 Malek won the Bronze medal in the women’s Taekwondokg category Posted Dec 24 This photo is another indication that Sykes-Picot agreement is still alive and kicking and Arab as well Non Arab people who live in Syria still have no power over their own destiny.

Qwaider Planet is a collection of amazing blogs that relate to the Arabic culture. Posted Nov 24 Posted Oct 27 Do you remember that incident of that Sudanese citizen who was tortured in a Cairo police This post was written before the incident of the fish seller rocks Morocco for real” For four days nowMoroccan and Arab social media universe have nothing to speak about Moroccan It is our finale tonight and we will know the fate of King Rokn El-Zaman.

Tonightwe will know in the 20th episode of King