November 15th, 8. We can match any color or tint of gold found on vintage watches. The time now is In fact, a layer of gold deposited using the correct electroplating process is actually much tougher and more wear resistant than 12kt or 14kt gold watch cases! Gold plate will not look like gold filled or capped. I have a few other projects to get through first, however. The thickness of the new gold plating is important because it helps determine how hard the new strap is and how resistant to scratches and dents the finish will be.

In the later 60s and 70s some, but not all, were gold plated and it really showed, the plated examples not really showing the depth of the 14k plaque or capped modles. How scratch resistant will a newly plated watch be? Your name or email address: It can be done but it can also cause problems. Could ask on the comments section how many microns it was done to. They are normally marked with a designation of “G. A gold filled watch has a thin layer of karat gold “fused” to the outer layer of the brass watch case.

Originally Posted by Neilw The problem is that some jewelers don’t like working on gold fill. Or does this take away from the watches value? You need a metal that the plate material will stick too. Old Cartier cases were done in 20 micron. The biggest problem with plating over existing gold-filled as I understand it is that the plating tends to wear unevenly, so while it looks good right away, in five years it will start to look blotchy.

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There was, however, a 20 micron gold Mk 11 speedmaster produced in I’ve got more Converse sneakers than watches, but it is a close race.

For watches with exceptional quality, a gold plated finish can last 20 years and longer. See the available finishes page. Areas that are worn to base metal need to be sanded and smoothed out and feathered in, so no difference is seen after the plating. This will add microns of thickness to any threads etc, meaning, will the case back re-screw or snap into place?


The watch I saw originally was a 20 microns plated item from the 50s in very good condition, as I haven’t seen the dial case colour combination again I wondered if it might be an ides to get a steel one and have it plated.

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An alternative satch replacing the watch altogether is to replate the gold on the strap. Replating a vintage watch back to the original manufacturer’s specifications requires that the thickness of the gold plated layer microns be much heavier than normal goldplated jewelry The old replsting is removed with an acid bath and so no sanding down is involved.

I have little doubt I will use him at some point but haven’t done so yet, I’m afraid.

The chrome plating was very cheap and well worth doing, I don’t know how much the gold one was as it was serviced at the same time but it wasn’t excessive. If you are talking about bridges or wheels that were once gold plated and cleaning such as excessive ultrasonic has removed the plate, then there should be no reason to not restore to an original finish with a dip in a plate bath. What is the difference between a “gold plated” watch and “gold filled” watch?

Yes, we can replate replatign stainless steel watch with a gold plated finish. Most vintage gold ‘plated’ or capped vintage Omegas are more than microns.

For most watches it does not take very long. Still in the drawer awaiting the energy to have another go. Posts 5, Likes 2, This article copyright by The Time Preserve. I have a stainless steel watch that I replahing like to have plated with gold. Where I disagree is with the statement “ideally, you want to remove ALL the existing gold”.

Can metal watch bands be plated to match the watch case? How scratch resistant will a newly plated watch be? In addition, unusual gold plated colors such as rose gold, platinum, rhodium, palladium, and ruthenium are available. Not sure if this is as badly looked upon as a redial, but I’m sure others will gole in with their input.


The risk with replating at a non-specialist would be losing the original brushed finish. Gold plating, can it be redone.

As Rob says, surface preparation is everything with plating. The technical requirements for replating vintage watches with the proper layer of gold is probably one of the most difficult types of decorative electroplating being done today.

More layers are applied until replatign proper surface hardness and correct color are achieved. The other option of course,is to wait for a good cosmetic version to pop up. November 13th, 4. No, as a rule the rellating process does not hide surface imperfections. November 14th, 7. Replating gold, worth the effort? You probably could write a whole book on this topic.

Results 1 to 18 of I’ve always steered clear of buying gold plated watches. The process may also take a business several weeks to complete, depending on how much work needs to be done and the business’s work load. I know the easiest option is to find a gold one, but I can’t find the dial and case combo I like.

Will the new plating of gold on my vintage watch match the original “color”? Help Forgot your password? However, sometimes with finer watches, you may elect to have a plate anywhere from 10 to 20 microns thick.

Could ask on the comments section how many microns it was done to. Originally Posted by Carlton-Browne. It had the maroon replatig under the crystal, and looked very nice as a ‘dress’ piece.