I have to say it was everything I was expecting. This was a great movie, although the religious theme does come across as a bit much at points, but it doesn’t detract from an otherwise good film. Each camp has two very simple goals: On the other hand, if handled with actual understanding, the film can be something truly different–if, of course, cinematography, soundtrack, and acting hold up as well. Eli was also a very decent little actor considering. There are always two adults within sight of each other , but that’s understandable from a cinematic point of view. Your heart will be changed after watching it. Search for ” Camp ” on Amazon.

Many volunteers who go to camp are inspired to become mentors, become foster parents and even adopt children who need a loving, caring family. He played his role with such maturity and sincerity! Clip it away and nothing changes. I went into seeing this movie thinking that while it might be a tired premise successful, cocky yuppie finds value and humility connecting to someone less fortunate than him the interesting story of the kids at this camp and some of the acting performances might see this through to be something worth watching. There is very little focus on it throughout the film. Share your comments with us here. I remember sitting in a church service in Orange County, CA back in yep, that would make me 7 years old and listening to Wayne tell the story of the starfish, and how we might be unable to rescue every single child from pain, but we can make a difference in at least one. Kids aren’t usually “bad” for no reason.

I remembered seeing the clips for it a few months back. I had to watch it again the next day it was so good. The primary purpose of Royal Family KIDS Camp is to give children a week of positive memories in a loving environment with the help of an encouraging camp counselor. Ken Matthews Kristin Wolven We’ve see the guy whose mind is on money and often women bond with a troubled kid.

This film just doesn’t have that. Films of this category are often a complete hit or miss with me. Although there is pain and pride in the characters’ stories, there is also redemption and hope.


I particularly adored a little girl in the film who couldn’t ride a bike, someone had told her she was too rfmc to ride. Thank You Roebuck Media for such a moving and powerful story.

And love to another who has never felt it before. Hollywood loves to entertain us.

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I only fear that I will want to take rfkcc the kids home This provides campers the adult attention they need. Audible Download Audio Books.

Eli’s Dad Michael Mattera Lastly, I started this not knowing it had a tinge of Christianity. There is a line in the movie that I will end with. This movie will take a hold of your heart and place you into the world of foster kids and what goes on in their lives daily.

I can see many more movies in the making for this kid!

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A seed was planted that Sunday morning which eventually led to my husband movvie I becoming certified foster parents, and as a result the adoption of 2 of our 6 children.

He played his role with such maturity and sincerity! Remember – this moive just a movie. Except the end, but we’ll get to that. Get updates via email: Edit Details Official Sites: It’s sad to know that there are kids out there that actually have life this rough, but knowing that there are people out there that are working to help these kids experience at least a week of joy is good to know. In that case, pray before you tell your husband. Audience reviews from around the world.

What an amazing film! What had me in tears, of course, was the goodbye scene. Click here to see if it is showing near you. During the movie you might laugh a little, and probably cry. I always hope that at least when a movie is bad, it has some level of entertainment or interest.

I don’t know why they felt we needed to see Eli’s home life, it kind of spoilt it a little. I had the opportunity to screen the movie Camp and was asked to review it.

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His demeanor was just a thick callous attempting to cover his own deep pain. It’s one of the best and most touching movies I have ever seen. The rfkf is to just embrace these kids and help them to have a good week – experience a small reprieve and normalcy.


I felt like the writers did a fabulous job showing the uniqueness of each of the children in the movie. If you want to know more they would love to hear from you. After seeing the write up, I knew it would be a sad movie, I just didn’t expect this. For the first, I would say, half of movue film Ken is constantly looking for a way out of the situation, canp it be leaving the camp himself or encouraging the camp director to kick Eli out for breaking the rules.

I felt like the writing ,ovie allowed the unique personalities of the kids to shine. Aside from the fact that the camp redemption theme is older than video itself, the introduction of religious claptrap into what may have otherwise been a decent film ruined it.

Personally, I think Camp falls into rfkf middle ground. We’ve see the guy whose mind is on money and often women bond with a troubled kid.

There is very little focus on it throughout the film. It also would have been a lot more shocking when Eli finally takes off his shirt and we see the marks on his body, instead of us just thinking, ‘Yep, that’s what we expected to see. After reading the description, I dreaded watching the movie ‘Camp’ that it might be too much for me rfkf handle. I recommend this movie to the whole family especially to preteens.

Margaret Summerfield Grace Johnston I would also volunteer my time. Jesse Wagoner – Then I Laughed. It’s a concept that has a great amount of potential, but there should be a couple added layers to tell it apart from the bunch. Take the time to watch Camp.

Royal Family KIDS Clubs offers rkc way to mentor rfkv children at a critical developmental stage ages and build healthy new patterns that can change their lives.