Although I enjoyed watching the episode, I too had issues with the whole “kidnapping” scene. It was so weird to have KC for the last almost 22 ep. That’s why I don’t feel that bad for the ending because there might be a better sequel. I tried to marathon the drama over the weekend I wanted to try what I have read others do: Thanks for the recap. Like many others said, there was a really strong set-up and everything was there, but just poor execution.

So let’s hope not! I need a hug. This is a very touching and sad episode. It’s like they have been saving up all their sponsorship cookies so they could cram as many as they could into 10 minutes. I don’t believe any of the people who watched this drama liked the ending, actually, I believe that all of them hated it. Yeo-wool, ever the logical one, points out that all people die, and some live long full lives, or some die during childbirth like her mother, or some die protecting someone else like Lord Park.

They could have done yu much more with her, shown her picking herself back up and becoming more than she used to be. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. We hear through gisaeng exposition that Jo Gwan-woong got hauled off to Lee Soon-shin, hog-tied and short of one hand.

SINOPSIS Gu Family Book Episode 1-24 Episode Terakhir

They call housekeeping and we see Jo Gwan-woong, coming with mop and bucket in hand. I still can’t get over how the ending is so similar to how I imagined. This world has so much potential for life and death stakes, for testing the limits of beast and man, epksode true sacrifice that runs deeper than noble idiocy. But your recap made me eposode so much KC and YW are cute and everything,but they have never grabbed my heart the way the parents romance did.


Sinopsis – Ini Ruangku

They i’ll cry with hidden feel when be together. I don’t quite remember how inuyasha ended. K2H ending wayyyyy better than this one. Not all the four men of fxmily have given kang chi a task 5.

I will be back later with the rest of my thoughts So we wanted that for him.

Now that’s a happy ending I can live with. He asks if she remembers what he said to her back then—to be his wife. Could YW die again, a la InuYasha?

The backstory of WR. Genuine love doesn’t abandon. Y’know I’ve watched this drama faithfully up until this point but last week’s break up scene had me feeling meh mostly because I didn’t actually believe we’d have an actual break up. But when he whirls around, he stops cold. What happens to the Ug Not so much underrated but moreso a lack of viewers. Gu Family Book Favorite. Not sure if I appreciate his efforts though.

Now KangChi’s noble idiocy makes me question if I even want to see the ending. Because the current Kangchi has already fell for Yeo-wool, there’s no need to remember the past.


I need a hug. And so much more. Why Kang-chi is a noble idiot, why Yeo-wool got kidnapped again! The “fantasy” aspect was never exploited, and it lost its charm once everyone and their grandma pretty much knew Kang Chi was a gumiho.

You’re right, the kleenex came in handy. Yeah, I’m a little disappointed by this episode since we only have 1 left. Kang-chi saved his father from arrows. I have been waiting all day, practically haunting this site and now it’s here! Ahh noble idiocy, I thought we got past that right? The writing has great setup, but wasted here and there, or will it be better to say it’s like stitching here and there?

She’s been dead for days so it fulfills the prophecy part enough. Some more sobbing happens and the everything in the forest begins to wither – pan to the flower in YW’s room coming back to life.

Like many others said, there was a really strong set-up and everything was there, but just poor execution. Did I hear correctly? They laugh and joke good-naturedly, though Master Dam is just sitting stoically, trying not to look at Yeo-wool.