He catches up with the basics, and also fills us in on his past with Ji-hyun, as he says that she dumped him three months ago. Gloria Episode 12 synopsis – 50 Episode Korean Dra Im glad Ra Im is finally standing up The next two episode will complete the explanation Awith all the fantasy and the memory issues of KJW, the amnesia makes sense to me. I screamed at my screen half way through this episode I think jw was a better person all round before the accident. I’ll buy that for a dollar. Props to Hyun Bin for making the plot bunny a little more bearable, but once again, I’m not sure if this was the right way to approach and conclude the plot line regarding JooWon’s accident.

I dreaded that we might have a BOF asshole scenario, but I love 21 year old joo won! I sort of thought that in the last scene, when he started to make the moved on RI that JW seemed more like his old self–but that could just be a quirk in HB’s acting. Yes, loved the look they gave each other, too. It was tragic enough for Joo Won to change his personality a lot to become a ‘darker’ Joo Won. Good thing the writer has generous people like you to cover for them! Yay finally thank you chicas much much appreciated!! Ra-im is back at the hospital, and Ah-young yells at her for giving her the scare of her life, as the girls have a happy reunion.

That’s what happens when they drink only half the effin’ cup.

Hyun Bin’s kadorxma life GF is a hottie. Think about it– the sobbing, the raging, the feeling like the world is coming to an end– no wonder Show was acting like a total Drama Queen! Be it action, drama, rom-com.


Sinopsis Drama dan Film Korea: Secret Garden Special Edition

I guess it IS more romantic that he isnt feigning it but cant help falling in love with her again. Sinopsix was the most heartbreaking part of the last episode for me as well, when Joo-won spent the night with his hyung, knowing what he was about to do.

He shows up and holds up a new bottle of flower liquor, saying that this wine is the beginning and the end of the magic. Reminds me of the Winnie the Pooh movie where the gopher keeps saying “I’m not in the book, you know! She cries uncontrollably, just as Mom and Ji-hyun run in. Joo-won just stares at her, wondering who she is.

Apparently, the show as a whole, has been playful. But Joo-won seems a little more than confused, even by his own face. Regardless of the ending, SG would still be one of my favorites.

Sinopsis Drama dan Film Korea

And I loved you. She goes out to find Secretary Kim, who wheels in a cart with a grand lunch by candlelight.

I hope more kissing too He looks at her accusingly, asking why his leg just did that: Nahhh I bet that the writter got body-swapted with the one who writes all the daily makjangs ; And by the end of the episode it must have rained in Seoul. I’m just glad we avoided death and “it was all just a dream” scenario. I actually think the same as you Not because he is a good singer.


All that angst, and this is the resolution? The show is sadistic and we’re masochistic. Meanwhile, Ra-im rushes over, and starts crying at the sight of Joo-won back in his own body.


But on the otherhand glad that no one died, loving the return of comedy and chemistry!!

Sinopsis Drama Korea Secret Garden | Fasci Garden

Can he just stay this way, and not get his memory back? Ra-Him cries, saying that Joo-won swapped them, ready to die to gecaps her.

She cries as she tells Joo-won that it must be their fate, that one of them has to sinopsiw into bubbles. Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb. Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: Lee January 10, at 3: Why do I click on these things at work?

What came to my mind was, “Wow, that was a long time in silence and just staring.

Ra-im laughs and so does Secretary Kim, who notes with a smirk that the stuff Joo-won does is exactly the same. Que January 10, at 4: AmbieH January 10, at The storyline could have been better, the show had so much potential, and the editing of the last few episides hasn’t been great. Jemrie January 15, at Hyun Bin pretty much broke my heart seccret 10 times in recasp last two episodes. WORD at the emotional whiplash