Barnes travels to Lebanon, obtains safe passage from a Hezbollah leader, and hires a mercenary named Mussawi to help kidnap and kill Nasir. While working on Traffic , Stephen Gaghan began to see parallels between drug addiction and America’s dependency on foreign oil. To silence Bob, the agency decides to promote him to a desk job as head of the Iran Bureau, but Bob sabotages his job interview by criticizing the reform movement in Iran and its relationship with the Committee to Liberate Iran, the CLI, a group of powerful U. Syriana is a thriller of corruption and power related to the oil industry that tells four parallel stories: Feeling betrayed, Bob visits Stan Goff, a former colleague at the CIA who became disillusioned with the agency and left to become an independent consultant. Webarchive template wayback links CS1 maint:

But he becomes disillusioned because the company he’s devoted his life to lets him down. Syriana is a American geopolitical thriller film written and directed by Stephen Gaghan , and executive produced by George Clooney , who also stars in the film with an ensemble cast. Because the CIA is also concerned about U. Time magazine’s Richard Corliss wrote, “Gaghan relies on Clooney’s agnostic heroism to lure viewers into his maze. Max’s death wrenches apart the Woodman family, and Bryan finds himself estranged from his wife and other son and unable to function in his job. But Mussawi is loyal to the Prince and instead of killing the Prince he captures Barnes and tortures him to get more information. When Woodman’s son jumps into the water he is electrocuted and dies.

At the bottom of the social hierarchy are the migrant laborers whose lives are directly affected by the royal family’s policies and mlvie industry’s vagaries. Prince Nasir is dedicated to the idea of progressive reform and understands that oil dependency is not sustainable in the long term; Nasir wants to utilize his nation’s oil edplained to diversify the economy and introduce democratic reforms, in sharp contrast to his father’s repressive government, which has been supported by American interests.


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There is a massive explosion. A small Texas oil company that’s being considered for a merger with the oil giant Connex. Bob Barnes is ultimately a company man who’s trying to do his job well and put his son through college. Woodman is encouraged to bring his family wife and children with him on the trip because the Saudis have a great respect for the family and love children.

The final scene shows Bennett Holiday Jeffrey Wright returning home from a party, once again finding his father waiting half asleep on the front steps of his house.

Game of Death starring Wesley Snipes. With his friend Farooq, Wasim listens as the cleric preaches that the Koran provides an antidote to the failures of Western liberal society.

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Syriana: Narrative, Structure, Ideology

When Bob syruana Robby are eating Mexican food, Robby borrows a bottle of hot sauce from a neighboring table. The plot strands ultimately converge in a violent confrontation.

Instead of complexity, there is a blank, uncompelling tangle, which conceals a kind of complacent political correctness. Retrieved from ” https: Holiday negotiates a secret deal to give the Justice Movoe what they want. Barnes becomes a pawn in the goings-on between the players. Choose a new password: For the term’s use in international relations, see Pax Syriana.

The New York Observer. This land was part of the Fertile Crescentand has historically been a geopolitically crucial junction for trade routes from the east, from Asia Minor and the Aegean, and from Egypt, and has long been a focus of great power conflicts.

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As Robby prepares to go to college, Bob fears he may finally be losing his son forever. Mistakes When Bob and Robby are eating Mexican food, Robby borrows a bottle of hot sauce from a neighboring table. She leaves him and goes back to the United States. In Tehran, Iran, CIA agent Bob Barnes, on a covert mission to assassinate two Iranian arms dealers, lures them into a trap by offering to sell them two Stinger missiles. Bob is a true believer, not a cynic.


Upon returning to the United States, Bob is stonewalled by his superiors and denied access to CIA files and has his passport seized as he discovers that his loyalty is being questioned. The film’s cynical view of the ruling class and the global economic interests of the American foreign policy are clearly reflected in a blatant speech about corruption delivered by Danny Dalton Tim Blake Nelsona Texas oilman working with Jimmy Pope, who owns Killen Oil.

The missile launcher that Barnes lost at the beginning of the film, ends up in the hands of the migrant workers, Wasim Mahzar Munir and Saleem Khan Shahid Ahmed. We have laws against it precisely so we can get away with it. Barnes is a very interesting character because he is a contract killer without any conscience and he is completely betrayed by the CIA agency he works for doing the dirty work.

Gaghan shot in over locations on four continents with speaking parts. The approval of the merger is critical to Connex, which lost its long-held rights to drill in an oil-rich Persian emirate when the country’s foreign minister, Prince Nasir Al-Subaai, the son and heir of Emir Hamed Al-Subaai, awarded the rights to the higher bid of the People’s Republic of China.

Herodotus speaks of “Syrians” as identical with Assyriansbut the term’s geographical significance was not well defined in pre-Greek and Greek times. The CIA sets forward their plan to assassinate Nasir.