The rest of the side characters weren’t too bad. Not just a beautiful story with a beautiful cast, the struggles of the doctors are real to me. The actors are good, the plot is interesting, you can learn much from this drama.. I still dont give a damn about all those medical stuff Would’ve been only one day if I hadn’t had to go to work!! Teppei looked like “Small Turtle”, a geeky looking HK actor who played small roles in Stephen Chow movies in early s.

Casting was superbly done Casting Kenji with Izumi was a good choice and the rest of the supporting cast was very well picked. This just might be Sakaguchi’s best drama so far. It’s fun if you don’t take it that seriously. The OST is great, which is another thing that is seldom in doramas I think And for the rest it works pretty well: Comments by SayaOtonashi [Rating: The review section may contain spoilers! Other than the medical aspect, this drama had a solid plot which followed the manga pretty closely and a great OST.

Junpei Mizobata, Asami Mizukawa Synopsis: Unrealism aside, Iryu probably ranks as one of the best dramas of Comments by octane [Rating: The dudes who want to close the hospital down and make the resort, or the Neurosurgeon who wants to make the hospital into a for-profit specialty hospital.

Comments by ume [Rating: Most of it is patient related and they are usually nice people, so you feel sorry for them. Ushiroyubi Very Intense and graphic!


Nice cast, with an awesome ost, if drgon prefer romance dramas, avoid this. I particularly liked Natsuki Mari’s character: Again, the outlandishness of some of the medical scenarios makes them hardly believable. Comments by zealous [Rating: As a medical drama, don’t expect too much. Normal people would die with such grave conditions. Btw, it reminded me to Trauma Center videogame: Comments by Eyeyore [Rating: Japanese dramas are always overloaded with this extreme heroic roles I was impressed by the quality of the drama in this series.


What makes this different from Iryu is this isn’t over the top enough. I like the cast, the plot, the storyline, I like all!!! Comments by EstherM [Rating: A disgraced surgeon turned government worker is tasked to help rejuvenate gooddrmaa dying community medixal.

Reviewed by barracudalite on 5 November As for that thing in the special, well A great story and I agreed gooderama it is underrated.

I added a point after watching Kato and Ijyuuin’s character grow. The OST is great, which is another thing that is seldom in doramas I think And for the rest it works pretty well: It also has its light moments, provided by Kihara and twin nurses.

Very cool and “clinical” setting, yet dragging you in with high suspense. All these shows have genius’ in them.

Really, if you watch it each episode, you’ll see how a people can strongly “stand” against bad society around him and the important thing is he have friends dragoj teammate who has vision same as him and their doing the job together as a one team. Aoi treats all her patients like family, and is really a nice person. Given that most of the medical scenarios in this series are ridiculously over the top albeit possible it’s hard to say that it can happen in real life. Casting was superbly done But teamm, his acting is very good.


Why Kihara is there, I don’t know – he does not provide any comic relief whatsoever.

Special mention for Natsuki Rragon as Dr Kitou the astute, cunning, yet charming head of emergency. Comments by vieuxcon [Rating: Overall, it was one of the few medical dramas in which the medical aspect was not greatly overshadowed by other things in the plot. Quite a few parts that made me go wow. The drama focuses on each person who died and their intentions and reasons for dying.

Comments by Lady Gooddramz [Rating: The OST was quite appealing and served the dorama well, particularly with all the suspenseful moments.

Present Confusion (We talk about stuff.): Japanese Medical Drama Roundup

Definitely one of the best dorama I’ve seen! Again, a fun drama. It also makes you feel like your IQ has gone up a couple of points by listening to all that medical lingo Many have forgot how human should behave, this movie reminded me how should I behave, even deagon means that I have to fight the majority I just can’t stop episodes after episodes. Are we beginning to see a trend here?