You got faggot ears! Michael walked over to the door and placed his ear up against it. You on that stuff? Stinkmeaner voice Gary Anthony Williams However the woman didn’t seem to mind. Don’t ever in yo life try to holla at me, nigga. Season 2 Episode 11 – The S-Word A teacher calls Riley a “nigga” in class, causing Robert to decide that he wants to sue for restitution. So how bout you go home, call NIDA and go to bed for a while”.

That’s gay” Riley muttered as he left. I got me nice helping of sum’a that old fashion, cream filled custard coloured pie! But where there’s harmony a peace a nigga moment cannot exist” The light around Tom’s body became brighter as his eyes and mouth now glowed. He twisted the arm around, using his weight to keep Stinkmeaner from getting up. He and Huey both attacked Stinkmeaner from either side but he parried each of their attacks. As soon as he got close enough.

The Boondocks – S2E04 – Stinkmeaner Strikes Back [SYS] – video dailymotion

Our 5 Favorite Things About the Oscars. Some people are scared of zombies or vampires, but the things that scare black people the most are niggas and nigga moments. In fact I’m a little frighten now” “You frightened? Huey came at him again, but Stinkmeaner hit him with three consecutive jabs.

What if he calls your bluff? The Dwarves of Demrel – Movies Feb 25th. I was rushing” he said, hoping to recover. S due to legal reasons.


An army of demons suddenly appeared and surrounded him, but Stinkmeaner knocked them all back using a three stick nun chuck. If you are calling about sexual abuse-“.

These things strike fear into a nigga’s heart. Stinkmeaner screamed at the sight of the book as the entire bed rose up into the air towards the ceiling for a second and then coming back down. He quickly began to punch him across the face several times without missing a beat.

The Boondocks Season 2 Episode 4 | Stinkmeaner Strikes Back | Watch on Kodi

Stinkmeaner then stretched his left leg and right arm out in opposite direction, hitting both Huey and Granddad. Granddad, Huey, Riley and Jazmine must avoid guards after they sneak in to a theatre to watch Soul Plane 2: It’s gonna be my foot up your ass”.

New message” Riley said, looking at the computer screen. Granddad took the cloth off Ruckus and started to rub it all over Michael as he tried to protest. Huey reveals that the truth is much stihkmeaner than either of them thought. Elsewhere, Huey was standing out on the hill top overlooking Woodcrest with a grim expression.

A bully steals the chain that signifies Riley’s membership in Thugnificent’s stibkmeaner, prompting various attempts by Riley to get it back. Stinkmenaer then gave a karate chop to the back of Huey’s neck, knocking him down as well. Don’t ever in yo life try to holla at me, nigga.


I like to clean, too. Riley ignjored Granddad and stuck Stinkmeaner with the ganza which finllay knocked him out. He then looked back at Huey with a doubtful expression. Snap out of it, Tom. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Granddad’s cousin and his family take up residence in the Freeman home after stinkjeaner displaced by Hurricane Katrina.

Granddad got down on the floor and stuck his legs out wide in a pose, before turning his attention back to Huey. Ruckus opened his bag and set out several objects on the table. It’s a collectable” Granddad cried desperratley.

4 – Stinkmeaner Strikes Back

Stinkmeaner Strikes Back 29 Oct When Granddad was halfway down the stairs, Tom threw the axe right at him, but Granddad tripped on his dangling speedos and tumbled down the stairs.

Wow, so she’s on my friend’s list? These words lit a spark in Michael head. Oh what’s goings on here?! Granddad then took off his wwatch and put on the speedo, exposing himself right in front of the boys.